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What is Individual and/or Family Insurance and who needs it?

Everybody deserves to have health insurance. To complement your choice to live a healthy life, we offer even more peace-of-mind with our individual and family insurance plans. If you cannot afford health insurance for yourself or your family, we provide assistance with the Covered California health exchange program. We believe every person and family are unique to their needs, that is why we offer insurance plans based on the size of your family, your income, future goals and more.

What is Short Term Insurance and who needs it?

Short term insurance provides temporary benefits from 30–180 days, and up to 364 in many states. It’s designed to offer you financial protection if you have an unexpected injury or illness while waiting for coverage to begin under an ACA-qualified plan. Interim Coverage short term medical plans offer:

  • Cost-effective premiums
  • Customized length of plans
  • Several deductible and coinsurance options

FAQ’s about Individual and Family Insurance

Can I keep seeing the physicians who are already treating me?
Should I cancel my current coverage
Are dental and/or vision coverage offered?

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