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What is Life Insurance coverage and who needs it?

While this is a difficult topic for everyone, it is important to plan for it when we can. None of us like to think about leaving our families in the event of unforeseen or natural death. How will our loved ones maintain the same lifestyle without an income? Life Insurance is coverage paid to a beneficiary upon the death of the insured person. Usually Life Insurance policies are important for families, especially those with children, that depend on a primary source of income from one (or both) partners.

Life Insurance does not cover funeral expenses. You may want to also consider a Final Expense policy with your Life Insurance policy.

JAR Insurance Services offers individuals of all income brackets with life insurance options so you don’t have to worry about leaving your family unprepared.

Every situation is unique to each family. Let JAR Insurance Services help you determine the right coverage for your specific needs.

FAQ’s about Life Insurance

Who Needs Life Insurance?
What is the Right Kind of Life Insurance?
Does that mean I've wasted my money if I don't die?
Can a Trust be the beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy?

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