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What is Prescription Drug coverage and who needs it?

  • The Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) covers your prescription drug benefit separately from your Medicare Parts A & B (hospital and doctor) coverage.
  • If you are enrolled in: Original Medicare – you should choose a PDP to continue receiving your health benefits through Original Medicare, A Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO or PPO) – most of the time you need to get Part D drug coverage as part of your plan

FAQ’s about Prescription Drug Coverage

How do I choose a plan?
  • Since each plan provides coverage for a specific list of drugs, choose your plan carefully to make sure your medications are covered. Here are a couple tips: Make a list of your medications and cost of the medications, Make a list of the pharmacies you visit regularly for your medications
How will joining a prescription drug plan affect my Medicare Advantage Plan?
  • If you join a Medicare Prescript Drug Plan (Part D) and your MA Plan (Part C) already includes prescription drug coverage, then you will be returned to Original Medicare
What do my drug plan costs depend on?
  • The type/brand of medication you use
  • The plan you choose
  • The pharmacy you choose
  • If the medication you use are part of your plan’s drug list (formulary)
  • If you receive Extra Help for your Medicare Part D costs

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