Final Expense

Final Expense from JAR Insurance Services

Final Expense

from JAR Insurance Services

What is Final Expense coverage and who needs it?

While this is a difficult topic for everyone, it is important to plan for it when we can. None of us like to think about leaving our families with unexpected funeral costs. The main focus of Final Expense Life insurance is to cover payments on things like:
  • Funeral
  • Burial
  • Burial plot
  • Headstone
  • Transportation
  • And other related costs

JAR Insurance Services offers individuals of all income brackets with life insurance options so you don’t have to worry about leaving your financial burden with loved ones.

Every situation is unique to each family. Let JAR Insurance Services help you determine the right coverage for your specific needs.


FAQ’s about Final Expense

  • This type of coverage is usually purchased by seniors; however, people of any age can purchase final expense insurance.
  • Term coverage – death benefit protection only
  • Permanent coverage – death benefit with cash value
  • Since rates for your type of coverage can vary, it is recommended that you work with a company that has the ability to compare more than one insurer to obtain coverage information and quotes from a variety of different companies.
  • Determine a payment plan you can handle. A monthly payment plan is the most common; however, yearly payments are also available.
  • Planning your own funeral will allow you to choose how much you want to spend and help determine which policy is best for you.