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Life Insurance from JAR Insurance Services

Life Insurance

from JAR Insurance Services

What is Life Insurance coverage and who needs it?

While this is a difficult topic for everyone, it is important to plan for it when we can. None of us like to think about leaving our families in the event of unforeseen or natural death. How will our loved ones maintain the same lifestyle without an income? Life Insurance is coverage paid to a beneficiary upon the death of the insured person. Usually Life Insurance policies are important for families, especially those with children, that depend on a primary source of income from one (or both) partners.

Life Insurance does not cover funeral expenses. You may want to also consider a Final Expense policy with your Life Insurance policy.

JAR Insurance Services offers individuals of all income brackets with life insurance options so you don’t have to worry about leaving your family unprepared. Every situation is unique to each family. Let JAR Insurance Services help you determine the right coverage for your specific needs.


FAQ’s about Life Insurance

Your need for life insurance varies with your age and responsibilities. It is a very important part of financial planning. There are several reasons to purchase life insurance. You may need to replace income that would be lost with the death of a wage earner. You may want to make sure your dependents do not incur significant debt when you die. Life insurance may allow them to keep assets versus selling them to pay outstanding bills or taxes.
All policies are not the same. Some give coverage for your lifetime and other cover you for a specific number of years. Some build up cash values and others do not. Some policies combine different kinds of insurance, and others let you change from one kind of insurance to another. Some policies may offer other benefits while you are still living. There are two basic types of life insurance: term insurance and permanent insurance.
No more than you have wasted money by buying car insurance but never having an accident. You’ve purchased peace of mind. With term life insurance, if you die during the term, you know the company will pay your beneficiaries.
Yes, you may name a trust as the beneficiary of your life insurance proceeds. However, if you name a trust as beneficiary, a valid, legal trust must exist at the time of your death.