Medicare Supplemental Plans

Medicare Supplemental Plans from JAR Insurance Services

Medicare Supplemental Plans

from JAR Insurance Services

What is a Medicare Supplemental Plan and who needs it?

  • Medicare Supplement plans (also known as Medigap) provides the following benefits: Gives you the freedom to keep your doctor or choose a new one who accepts Medicare patients, Assists in some medical expenses that are not paid by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, Makes it easy for you to see a specialist who accepts Medicare patients

  • Medicare Supplement plans are only sold as standardized plans
  • Each plan offers various additional benefits to your Original Medicare coverage to help you live a healthier life

FAQ’s about Medicare Supplemental Plans

There are several plans available to you.
  • Choose the plan that meets your needs and budget and now and allows you to plan for the future as well.
  • Choose any doctor, specialist, facility, and hospital that accepts Medicare patients.