Upload Enrollments

Upload Scanned Enrollment Applications

Important: Please read!

  • Scan all of your applications with your own device.
  • Group all of your files into a folder that you can “zip” into ONE document
  • Name the zip file todays date, and your full name in the following format: 2017-03-15 Agent Full Name.
  • Fill out the cover sheet form below.
  • After filling out the form below, you will be directed to a secure link to upload your zip file.
  • DESTROY your local scanned files on your desktop as they contain sensative information.
  • DO NOT email any of your enrollments to JAR Insurance Services, or anyone, under any circumstance. Ever.

    I agree that I have read all the steps listed above and I will delete all my local and scanned files of applications from my desktop and mobile device. I will also agree to “empty” my trash from my computer and phone. I agree that I will NEVER email my applications under any circumstance. If I am unsure of anything, I will always call JAR for help and refrain from uploading a document. .